Bamboo Makeup Remover Pads

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Being ultra-soft and plush, Ecowaves reusable makeup remover pads feel amazing on your skin, are 100% luxurious, comforting and soothing, and are perfect for sensitive skin and delicate areas around the lips and eyes. 

Feel truly good about yourself every time you take your makeup off and inspire people around you to do their bit for the environment too.  Imagine, what an awesome local impact you’ll be able to see!

Disposable rounds and wet wipes are wasteful and harmful to the environment.  Not only do the Ecowaves pads help reduce your waste output, but they’ll save you money in the long run from no longer having to purchase packs of disposable cotton rounds each year.

On average, one reusable pad is the equivalent to using up to 300 disposable cotton pads.  Best money-saving life hack ever! 


Ecowaves makeup remover pads work fantastically well with any type of makeup remover, including oily and thick ones.

The pads get deep into your pores and pull all the makeup and cosmetics out without any discomfort.

Use Ecowaves pads for anything you would use disposable cotton rounds for - removing makeup, masks and other skincare products, toner application, or facial cleansing, then hand wash or run them through the laundry and use again and again.

Made from bamboo is a natural textile made from the pulp of the bamboo grass.  It has a shiny, silky look and an incredibly soft feel, it's more absorbent than cotton or hemp and is free of chemicals and dyes, - the perfect choice for luxury reusable makeup remover pads.

Bamboo is a fast growing, biodegradable plant that doesn't require the use of pesticides or insecticides and is well-known for being anti-microbial and hypoallergenic.

It has been growing in popularity, as it is more sustainable than most textile fibers.